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Stop Sewage Issues Before They Happen

Ensure your building from any sewage issues with Altojet Solutions. We offer an effective solution for maintaining any drainage issues from occurring in the future. Our patented, self-cleaning pipeline system prevents maintenance issues, which saves money for large buildings or apartment complexes.

Our device comes in handy every day by preventing your pipes from getting clogged. This pipeline technology has been around for 20 years, and our device has been in fruition since 2000. Each one of our products is custom installed to the sewage system in your building.

The owner of our company has spent years in the sewer and drain industry. He had cameras to do video inspections of the pipes. This taught him how to develop and gain insight on how to create our device. This system is designed to preserve pipeline issues and stop them from stopping up. Once this product is installed in your pipes, you will never have to worry about issues showing up again.

Altojet Device

Altojet System

Improve the pipes in your buildings with the innovative, new sewage equipment from Altojet Solutions. Our system is designed to keep backups and draining issues from occurring throughout your property.

Altojet System
Altojet Machine


Learn more about how our advanced pipeline technology can be beneficial to several industries. Several companies count on us to make sure anything that goes down the drain, stays down.

Sewage Pipe

Sewage Methods

There are several different ways to unclog drains and pipes throughout your building. Learn about the various methods and be informed with how our system can improve your sewage system the best.

Sewage Methods

Stop sewage issues from occurring in your building, today!

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